About Our Dogs

Limited and Full AKC Registration

We raise purebred AKC registered Pembroke Welsh Corgis in the High Desert in Southern California. All dogs are genetic tested for DM, vWD1, EIC and PRA3. We've also recently completed OFA certification for hips, eyes and elbows! *Full breeding rights goes to established, ethical breeding homes only.

Breeding schedule 2023:

As of May 1, 2023, we have available puppies! We raise all 5 colors: Red, Fawn, Sable, Black-Headed Tricolor and Red-Headed Tricolor as well as both coat types: Standard (short) and Fluffy (long). We dock tails and remove dewclaws per AKC breed standard however you can opt to keep the tail - just ask!

We currently have a relatively short waitlist for our 2023 litters. Anyone who is added to the waitlist can expect to bring a pup home within 1-4 months of joining depending on any specific gender or color preferences, litter sizes, etc. Feel free to send us a message to figure out how to get on the list.

We do ship pups to families who are not local via American Airlines. Shipping fee is approximately $550 on top of the price of the pup. We do not ship our pups until at least 10 weeks old.

Flight Nanny services now available!

Our flight nanny will fly with your pup in cabin and hand deliver your precious cargo at your local airport. Price for this service varies and is primarily depended on cost of the flight itself.

A deposit/holding fee and signed contract is required to be added to our waitlist - zero exceptions.

*Ask us about new financing options!

We are most active on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. Check out our social media accounts for the most up to date info and pictures!

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Why A Pembroke Welsh Corgi?

Facts about the breed

Aside from just the fluffy butts and stubby legs, theres a lot more to love!

ACTIVITY: Pembroke Welsh Corgis were traditionally a herding breed, which means that they are naturally VERY active and need stimulation in the form of games and exercise. We strive to raise well-rounded family dogs so our pups have a great balance of lots of zoomies but also love to cuddle up on the couch with their pawrents after a long day.

INTELLIGENCE: Corgis are naturally a very intelligent breed and are eager to please which makes training a lot of fun! We start training pups at about 4 weeks old which helps give you a jumpstart when you bring your furry friend home! We start crate training, potty training and a few basic commands.

LOYALTY: Pembroke Welsh Corgis are super loyal. They love the attention of people but their person is number one in their lives. They will do anything for you once they have established you as their person and family. All the love Corgis have to offer is truly one of a kind!

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Feel free to give us a call or send us an email with any questions or comments you have.

There is a deposit/holding fee REQUIRED in order to be added to our waitlist which is deducted from the total price.

*Ask us about our new financing options!

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